Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whose that little lady?

So Proud of You :)

The Graduates

Congratulations Erin Elaine!

On June 2, 2008 Erin Elaine Lilley graduated from high school! She and her close friend Haley Lamb were the only two graduates from Hume Lake Charter School. We had a beautiful reception and graduation ceremony at Hume Lake for them. The girls chose to have Richard Kawamoto's yummy Chinese food and cake for their reception. Many friends from Hume and family members came to honor the girls. A video was played that showed each girls life and each of their dads said a few words about them before they received their deplomas.
We are very proud of Erin. She got very good grades this year and worked hard on her classses (which is hard to do, when there are only two people in your class).
We love you Erin and can't wait to see what God has for your future.

Happy Birthday North Hunter!

North Hunter was born to us two whole years ago now, on June the 5th. He was such a beautiful baby. Everyone said so. When we took Avery his sister to see him for the first time, she covered her ears and made a face when he cried :) North has the sweetest personality. Everyone has a special place in their heart for little "Northy". He is quiet like his daddy, and is such a cuddle bug! When he was tiny he would search your face intently with his huge brown eyes (like he'd never seen anything like you before). He seemed so interested in your face. It melted our hearts.
North still melts our hearts every time we see him. He holds his hands up to be held and says the sweetest words in his big "man" voice (which he has had since the day he was born.)
North calls me "Ma". He calls everyone "Ma", even his daddy! North is a special gift from the Lord. I praise God for him. What a special boy.