Monday, May 12, 2008

Yes, all the way to Fresno w/ four in the back....

Janelle Cross' Wedding


My Mother's Day Weekend

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. One thing that was especially wonderful was that I got to see ALL of my children! Yes, even Nathan was home from deployment :) I got to have AnnaMae, Nathan, Gabriel and Gwendolyn for a visit and then Emily and Cody arrived as well(with Rylee, Cody's little sister.) On Saturday we all headed down the hill to Fresno where some of us attended a wedding and then we all went to dinner and a movie together as a family (Nole and Heather joined us too). On Sunday, Emily and Cody fixed me the most yummy mexican dinner and made a beautiful cake for dessert. We sat on the deck in the warm sunshine and visited after we ate. Cody did a little fishing and he, Edward and Jeff played around at rock climbing near the house. Oh, I almost forgot! Jeff bought me some beautiful plants for the front yard and planted them for me. I got very sweet cards from everyone and felt so loved.
"Thank You everyone for a great weekend. you are my favorite people!" Being you "mom" is a real blessing to me.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Sunday Drive

Last Sunday Jeff and I took a lovely drive down into King's Canyon. The weather was wonderful! We opened our sun roof and rolled down our windows and drove slow enough to smell the blossoms and to see the wild flowers along side the road. We stopped several times to take pictures and to admire God's handywork. We have so many wonderful memories in this canyon. Fun exploration hikes with our kids, animal sitings, camping. We feel so blessed to live so close to this beautiful place. We drove down with many things on our minds and drove home feeling refreshed and rested. God is good!

A View From My Back

Jeff At Work...

Sooo Green and Cold!

View From The "Jumping Rock"

Just Lovely!

The Kings River

My New Ride...

Heading Down Into The Canyon

Gabriel Talon Ouimet

Say "Hello" to Gabriel!

This little guy is my oldest grandson. Gabriel Talon turned three in January. Gabriel belongs to my daughter AnnaMae and her husband Nathan. I had a special blessing when Gabriel was born, because I got to be there! He was so tiny (a little early) and so cute. He reminded me of both his mom and his dad. Gabriel has a very funny personality. He is very busy and does the cutest things. My favorite memory of him as a timy baby was the time he sat next to Pa Pa and watched a little cartoon on the computer and laughed his head off. He was not even able to sit up on his own yet, and there he was just sitting there cuddled up next to Jeff and belly laughing. We got it on video, if you ever want to watch it. He still laughs all the time. Gabriel loves to talk to me on the phone, which is very fun. Usually after a few little bits of conversation he says "Pa Pa?" I'm not sure why he does that, maybe it is because Pa Pa is his favorite person! Gabriel is also very curious and loves anything to do with being outside. Pa Pa likes to show him things from nature because he is so into it. We still have a flattened dried out frog that Gabriel found in the road on a walk. Jeff won't let me throw it away. "It's Gabriels" he says... When he was smaller he was a bit afraid of bugs. When he would scream and run we would say "It won't hurt you" to him. Now, every time he is nervous about something he tells us "It won't hurt you". So sweet! Grandma loves here babies, what can I say?