Friday, May 8, 2009

God's Leading

Where do I begin? I have not blogged in quit awhile. I should be telling you all about my missions trip to South Africa (and I will some day), but for now, I guess I'll talk about what happened in my life the day I got home...
I guess I'll just spit it out. My husband lost his job.
I don't think I should go into all the details of why, instead I'll just tell you that this change has brought sadness and many sweet moments as well.
We have worked and lived at Hume Lake for 29 years now (minus the 3 that were spent at Bible college). Hume is our home. It's where we have lived, gone to church, loved our Hume family and served our Lord, so it seems so wierd that we no longer live there.
We have no doubt that this is all God's perfect plan for us and for Hume, but it's still hard to say goodbye to all that has been so familiar to us.
I think I will miss the people the most. My sweet friends and the darling kids at preschool, where I got to help each week this past year.
I'll miss my house and all the fun our family had there.( holidays, parties, dance parties, hours of visiting over coffee, snuggles with our babies, long serious talks, tears, laughter...)
I'll miss the view from my kitchen window
I'll miss the school room and all the hours we spent there
I'll miss my red door
I'll miss my bathtub
I'll miss sitting on the front porch in summer
I'll miss walking the lake
I'll miss the fresh air
I'll miss the view at the lake
I'll miss knowing that people are coming to Christ and that we are playing a small part in that
I'll miss busy summers and quiet falls
Enough of that...
I have been so blessed by the peace that God has given me. Honestly, it's been amazing and surprising. I know my heart is broken in several places, but for the most part, I have felt ok.
I am so thankful for the prayers of friends and family. I know this is why I am doing so well. I am especially thankful for our kids and their kind and gentle care of us during this time. I know they are very sad themselves, and yet they have been encouraging and helpful and have had such good attitudes. (Thanks Guys)
As of today, we are living in Clovis, with our son Nole and his family. Jeff is job hunting and I'm taking each day as it comes.
I'll close for now, but will continue as I can. I know this isn't written well, but if I don't just ramble, I'll never do this.
One last thing. God loves us, He's closer than ever and we will be ok.