Friday, December 5, 2008

Something New

After being inspired by my sister, Cynthia's vintage Christmas tree, I enjoyed shopping the antique stores in Paradise to find a few for my own tree. I love the different colores and the sweet details on each. I have had a small vintage tree for years, filled with some of my grandmother's ornaments, but I'll put these on the big tree this year. Mostly, I love the memories they inspire and the love that I have for all things vintage.

Decorating the Tree

This year I thought I would be decorating the tree alone (maybe with Jeff and Edward eating chili dogs and watching). But, Nole, Heather, Avery and North came up to help us! It was so much fun to watch the little one's excitement as they looked at each ornament. The result was so darling! (all the ornaments up front, in the center and only as high as they could reach). We ate the traditional chili dog dinner and enjoyed each other :)

I love the photo above, especially Avery's little bottom stocking out... The next one shows the boys "watching" the decorating and the last one is North givine a shrimp (which he called a scrimp) a kiss.

Such sweet little helpers...

Thanksgiving with my family

(top) Edward with his mama, Carey. (middle) Auntie Lynn, Auntie Cynthia and Lynn's Aunt Barbara, and me. (bottom) Same with Erin :)

Thanksgiving with my family

(above) Grandpa Lilley, Jeff, Edward, Me, Uncle Steve and Uncle Edward. (below) Jeff, Edward, Uncle Steve and Aunt Cynthia.

Thanksgiving with my family

Edward shot a rat in Uncle Edward's back yard. Yuck! I always like to take pictures of Edward with his namesake. Our Edward Bruce is named after my brother, Edward Bruce.

Thanksgiving with my family

Uncle Edward's yard in all it's Fall glory

Thanksgiving with my family

My husband Jeff and I along with our two youngest children traveled to Northern California to spend Thanksgiving with my family. This is my brother Edward's home in Paradise, California. I love his house and yard, it fits him so well. We had a lovely time, visiting and shopping in the antique stores in town. The boys wen't disc golfing together and Jeff and Uncle Steve took Edward and Erin out to the movies one afternoon as well.
We stayed with my sister, Cynthia. She has a darling home too, but I forgot to take pictures of it! Maybe next time...