Friday, January 30, 2009


Finger-less Gloves

My friend Elisa gave this pattern to me because she thought it was a good, easy, first project. These gloves are knit on small double point needles in the round and were really fun to make! I think the biggest thing I learned was reading the pattern. Elisa had to translate several times, but I have almost completed the second glove and I haven't had to call her once :) As you can see, by the photos, it is a simple rib stitch for most of the gloves, but the thumb gusset was done in stockinette and required a few increased stitches (which I had never done before).
I really enjoyed this project. I've never worn this type of glove before, but if you see me out in them, be sure to tell me how cool they are :)

My God is Amazing

I haven't been blogging, because I got a new laptop and I haven't been very good at figuring out the photo thing. But, I wanted to share something that happened in my life today.
Today I had the opportunity to sit across from a lovely young woman and to hear her heart about some situations in her life. I prayed a lot before she arrived, that God would give me words that would encourage, and that He would be glorified.
It turned out, that I was able to share a story from my own life when, God said "no" to my hearts desire and I had to submit to Him. The coolest part of the story came several years later when God revealed why He had said "no".
It felt so good share that God's ways are always perfect and that He alone can change our desires, if we will let Him. And, when He does, it's because He has something far greater waiting for us.
I am glad that today, the Lord reminded me of this time in my life. Of His awesome love and complete care for me.
I hope my story encouraged my friend, but maybe in the end, the memory was just for me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let them eat cake

First of all, this isn't Eugenie, this is Erin, I've been instructed to blog for her and so here I am, doing her bidding.
Second of all, I'm pretty sure the quote "Let them eat cake" wasn't actually about cake and was actually about brioche, no seriously, look it up.

Dustin loves carrot cake and I'm determined not to be a woman who neither cooks nor bakes so I decided I would learn and my first(on my own) endeavor was a carrot cake, from scratch. here is the recipe in case you were wondering. It took me most of 4 hours to make this cake which while it was ridiculous turned out to be worth it. The most lengthy part of this process was peeling and meticulously grating 9 carrots, it was also quite a process to 'zest' the lemon, but like I said, well worth it. Anyways I won't bore you any longer here is the outcome, although you cannot enjoy the taste from the pictures alone.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Avery Bay with a new camera!
Gabriel with a friendly mouse :)

Pa Pa with his stocking

AnnaMae and GwenNole and Heather with Avery and North

some of the "loot"
Erin and Dustin

Nathan and Grandpa, I'm so sorry I didn't have a picture of you!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Em and Cody
The opening begins...

Everyone Came Home!

Christmas this year was such a gift to my mother's heart. Every single one of my children, their spouses and children AND pets came home for a long visit~ We had such a lovely time! We played in the snow, played games, did lots of talking and eating, and laughed at the babies and the puppies as they romped around the house. Jeff and I felt so blessed to have everyone home. We know this won't be the case every year, so we cherished each moment and thanked God for this gift. On Christmas morning, we opened our stockings, Jeff (Pa Pa) read the Christmas story from the Bible and then we opened our presents. As you can see, everyone from Great Grandpa to little Gwendolyn had a wonderful time :)

My New Thing

Just recently my dear friend, Helen Schuler had me over to teach me how to knit. I have knit before, but it's been awhile. She started me on this little hat. It's called an Easy Roll-Up Hat. It is knit on circular needles. I have knit 7 of these hats I believe. (I keep giving them away :). I like to add a vintage button on the hats for girls, I think it looks darling. One thing I love about this hat, is that it looks good on just about everyone. My son put one on and folded the rolled edge into a cuff, it looked really cool on him. I have a New Year's resolution to get better at knitting. I am listening to knit and crochet podcasts and have subscribed to a knitting website called Raverly. I would say that this makes me an old lady for sure, but as I get to know the knitting community, many of them are young! In fact, today I'm going to my friend Elisa's house to learn how to knit finger-less gloves from her, and she's young :) So much fun! I'm thinking maybe my husband and I should go to town on a date day on Saturday so I can check out the new yarn store in Fresno. Maybe I'll use my Christmas money to buy needles and yarn. I'll let you know, how it goes. Until then, be creative.